Teen dies after tapeworm laid eggs in his brain.How raw meats is causing deaths across the world.

Teen dies after tapeworm laid eggs in his brain.

Unlike American and European countries where the meat is goes through several levels of processing and preservation.in Asia it is common for the people to buy the raw meat from their local market.people have less awareness about the meat they eat.

An 18 year old teen from India showed several pain and swelling on his right eye. after he ate an undercooked  meat he bought from the local market.when doctors conducted and MRI scan.the teen’s brain is completely filled with “cystic lessons” or “larvae”.

Doctors concluded he was suffering from “Neurocysticercosis” a tape worm infestation of the central nervous system.caused due to Taenia solium or pork tapeworm. 

Doctors treated the teen with anti inflammatorysteroids.dexamethasone.despite several efforts from the doctors.the boy died from swellings two weeks later. 

It is impossible to treat the person with “neurocysticercosis” as larvae from tapeworm spread so quickly and impossible to be treated. 

“It is very important to cook the food properly.any half cooked meat or contaminated water can cause neurocysticercosis.it is very common in Asia and Latin American countries.”

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