onion juice for hair growth in two weeks.

onion juice for hair growth. 

Onion juice for hair growth.

Suffering from baldness or hair thinness.Hair loss is one of the major beauty problem that is steadily increasing among the youngsters.one of the primary reason for baldness among youngsters are for eating habit and inadequate sleep. thanks to our work culture and our hectic office schedule which gives us minimum or no time to care for ourselves.in this post we are going to see the benefits of onion and how this amazing vegetable will help you to regrow your hair effectively in few weeks.

Why onion.?

Onions are rich in dietary sulphur.onions are rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Onion juice for hair.

Here are my five benefits you get from onion.

1. Onions are rich in dietary Sulphur and protects your hair from breakage and thinning.

2. Rich in nutrients and make your hair wet.

3. Onions have a strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.40% of the hair fall is due to scalp infection.onions protect your head and hair from infections.

4. Onions are the best antioxidant.thus they help you to fight premature greying.

5. Onions help to improve blood circulation on the head and greatly contribute to hair growth by adding volume.

How to apply onion for hair.

Onion juice hair.

Onions must be used to diligently.as it can create allergy to your body.for people who have asthma complaint.it is advisable to use minimum.


Take some three red onions.put it in the blender must not add water.adding water to onion will give you cold.gently apply on the head.leave it for 30 minutes then wash it with shikakai paste.do not wash it with shampoo.just plain water or shikakai paste will bring the good benefit to your hair.


Use coconut oil take half litre of coconut oil.please do not buy from Store.buy it from the local Oil Mill where it will be made from the raw coconuts.Boil it for 10 minutes you can see the colour change.once you see the colour change and get a nice smell.put some sliced onions and handful of curry leaves and slowly mix it for 5 minutes then switch off the flame and keep it for half day. Let the juice completely get mix to the coconut oil.then feed apply it twice a day. morning and night.you can add 4 to 5 red onion and a handful of curry leaves for half litre of coconut oil.

Onions will give a bad odor.so it is necessary to wash your hair twice or thrice completely.onions are cheap way to fight baldness.

and also don’t forgot.

Onions alone won’t help you to regrow your hair.you need to take some protein rich vegetables apply coconut oil regularly.and do some regular exercises.


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