5 tips to naturally regrow your hair in one month.

5 tips to naturally regrow your hair in one month.

Hair loss is a very common lifestyle problem affecting millions of men and women all over the world.According to a recent survey.approximately 35 million men and 21 million women are facing the problem of hair loss in the USA alone.It is estimated that approximately 25% of men face the problem of baldness by age 30.and about 65% actually become bald or develop a balding pattern by the time they are 60 years old.

Homemade tips for hair growth faster.

Fortunately we have advanced technologies and some cheap natural ways you can cure your baldness.

But, before that there are really some misconception about the baldness.

1.Baldness is a sign of getting old.
Baldness comes at any age.even teens have baldness.baldness comes at any age and baldness is not the sign of getting old.baldness related to genes.It is not related to a person’s illness or lifestyle.

2.Baldness is completely genetic. 
Not completely true.there are few percent chance that you can grow your hair back with proper food and medications.and baldness does not transfer from mother.

3.Hair oil alone will help.
Again its a common myth.applying hair oil alone will not help you to grow your hair.your hair needs protein and iron for its growth.you need to consume protein and iron rich foods.

4.Wearing hat will cause baldness.
Some people believe hair breath.its a funny misconception.and heat and sweating in the hat is no way related to baldness.may be fungal infection in the hat will affect your hair.

5.Having sex will cause baldness.
Sex is no way related to baldness.any one can have sex.actually a healthy sex will help you to have a proper blood circulation.However drugs and too much of a masturburation will cause thinness of your hair.

In this i am giving you my personal home remedies that will promise you regrow your hair in thirty days.

1.Oil bath.

Home remedies for hair growth and thickness.

Oil bath is one of the famous remedies in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.it is likely to be applied on Thursday,Saturday or Sunday of every week.especially sesame oil heals various skin and hair related diseases.the very reason for oil bath is for a body relaxation.it relax muscles,remove the unwanted dandruff scalps,dead skin from the body.taking oil bath at every weekend or  holidays is important.you can’t take it in our office hours.applying warm sesame oil on your head and slowly massaging for 15 minutes and leave it for 30 to 45 minutes or even one hour based on your body condition.for extremely cold countries 15 to 20 minutes is far enough.you can even apply throughout the body for its full Ayurvedic benefits.it will heal all your unwanted toxic from your body and relax your body and brain from all the stress you had gone through throughout the entire week.


Hair growth naturally tips.

It’s amazing how a kitchen product can help you to regrow your hair.a recent study was conducted for 70 people with baldness.out of which 42 people show the good result.they got their hair regrow in 2 weeks. the good reason is onion have abundant amount of sulphur.sulphur helps you to thicken your hair and onion juice also helps you to increase hair pores and Prevent from baldness.People have to be careful in taking the juice as it have a bad odor.in holidays people prefer adding rose water. don’t add anything for bad odor.if you want to see good result then take it as a raw.take it in a holiday or weekend.apply in the morning thrice a week.let the juice be on your head for 30 minutes.then wash it without shampoo you  will definitely get a good result in one month.


Fenugreek is loaded protein and Vitamin C. fenugreek is good for your skin,heart and digestion and fights toxicity in your body. fenugreek is rich in iron,potassium,Nicotonic acid that helps to maintain good blood circulation.fenugreek can be applied in two ways before you go to sleep.take a handful of fenugreek and put it in the bowl of water.at the morning it will be turned into soft.you can put it in the Blender and make it as a paste.apply it on your hair leave it for 30 minutes.do it thrice a week for a good result.
second one where you can simply put the  fenugreek in the coconut oil.in stove warm it for 5 to 10 minutes.once it turns into red colour.you can store it in glass bottle.apply it daily before you sleep.do it for one month for good result.

4.Take care of your body.

Take care of your body is another important thing.In office we get tired or get stress at our office working late at night.cigarettes, drinks and drugs will have a negative effect on your body.it is important for anyone to take care of your body.your body is something that hold your soul.take a lots of spinach or vegetables.eat lots of beans,milk, Almonds and pumpkins as they are loaded with iron,protein and phosphorus.which are very good for your hair.do serious running for at least 30 minutes.do some stretches.have some sweats.Have your hair trimmed.do some  massage on your head frequently.that will increase your blood flow on your head.


A sound sleep will have the great impact on your body.a person have to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours per night.sleep should be sound. also it is advisable to not to spend time in front of the computer or mobile at least one hour before sleep.a night sleep must be continuous like the straight 8 hours of sleep in a dark room without any disturbance.a good sleep helps you to fight coronary heart diseases,stress and inflammations.even a nap is important at day time.you can’t have straight 10 hours of working.you need some nap.

a face is not complete without hair.it is important to take care of your hair.follow the above steps.you will definitley see the result.

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